Natural Therapy Hair Oil

Natural Therapy Hair Oil


An Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment for all kinds of hair problems, arrests hair fall after regular usage of as low as 10 days.


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Natural Sesame oil along with other herbal ingredients has been proved to be an intensive treatment for hair since ancient times. It helps to control itching and dryness, improves the texture of hair and enhances volume.

Massaging the head with this oil revitalizes the damaged hair and prevents growth of lice leaving silky, smooth and shining hair.


Natural Therapy Hair OilSESAME OIL- Sesame Oil is highly nourishing, lubricating and best for hair growth. It also maintains scalp health thus improving overall texture and volume of hair.

AMLA- Amla contains oodles of fatty acids which strengthens hair follicles, giving strength and luster to hair. Vitamin C in present in Amla helps to halt premature greying.

Natural Therapy Hair OilBHRINGRAJ- It helps to boost blood circulation in scalps, thus stimulating the hair growth.

Natural Therapy Hair OilBRAHMI- It reduces hair fall, nourishes hair roots and by thickening the hair roots it helps to give volume to hair.

MULETHI- It prevents baldness and controls excessive hair loss in both men and women.

Natural Therapy Hair OilGUNJA- Gunja seed oil act as hair growth promoter. It rejuvenates the morbid hair follicles.

GILOY- It gives incredible bounce, high luster and natural deep color to hair.

Natural Therapy Hair OilJATAMANSI- It penetrates deep in hair follicles and makes roots strong. It also controls pre mature greying.

SHANKH PUSPI- Shankh Pushpi drastically reduces split ends and controls hair fall.

Natural Therapy Hair OilKAPOOR KACHRI- A wild ginger which acts as conditioner, strengthens hair and provides volume to hair.


Directions to use

The best time to apply this oil is at night, gently massage into hair roots ensuring that whole scalp is covered. Leave it overnight. Rinse off with mild shampoo in morning. For best results use daily.

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