Skin Brightning Cream

Skin Brightning Cream

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This Skin Brightening Cream is infused with herbal extracts and essential vitamins thatpolish your skin,keeps it hydrated, brightens it by minimizing dark spots and pigmentation and clears your skinto make it glow.

The natural brightening ingredients like Avacado, Haldi, Kumkum, Neem, Saffron moisturize, rejuvenate your skin from deeply within to give it extra glowand protect it against damage from pollution.




This cream lightens your skin gradually with regular use without putting your skin health at risk on long-term use.

Remember,Glowing and healthy skin is all about commitment – it doesn’t happen overnight.As we all know one has to eat healthy, sleep properly, drink enough water, and follow a healthy lifestyle, it’s really difficult to get desired results bymerely applying fairness and brightening creams.


For best results use it at night before going to sleep as your last skin care regime.It is recommended to wear a sunscreen after applying a day cream in the morning.




Avacado- Removes dead skin cells, fights bacteria, refine pores, tighten the skin and reduces aging spots. It is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E and is excellent for moisturizing the skin and hyperpigmentation.

Haldi- Turmeric or Haldi is key ingredient of many dishes but yellow pigment called Curcumin present in it has been used for embellishment of skin from centuries. It reduces excess production of melanin and helps to even skin tone.

Chandan- Sandalwood or Chandan has great significance in medicinal properties and contains natural skin lightening agents.

Kumkum- Vermilion commonly known as Kumkum helps to retexture the skin giving spotless, blemish free even skin tone. It is a miraculous beauty ingredient to help illuminate the complexion and glow on your skin.

Kayaputi- Cajeput oil (kayaputi) having anti-inflammatory properties smooths and brightens skin

Saffron- Saffron or Kesar has earned reputation as a beauty ingredient for centuries in ancient Vedas, works well in skin care and brightening regimes.

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July 24, 2019
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