Lavender Body Cleanser

Lavender Body Cleanser

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Lavender is a herb having a pack of health benefits needs no introduction in skin care regimes. Also known as Ustukhuddusit is used widely in many skin and beauty products.

Take a break from harmful chemicals, Give your skin immense glow with rich & PURE ESSENTIAL OILS.



Lavender- We are aware of wonderful benefits of lavender. Anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender make it ultra soothing for skin.

Giloy- Giloyplant contains anti-aging properties that help reduce dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles and gives you that flawless, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

Tulsi-The queen of herb tones the skin leaving moisturized and glowing skin.

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Lavender Body Cleanser

July 24, 2019