Glow Boost Facial Sreum

Glow Boost Facial Sreum

About Product

A perfect blend of glow boosting Herbal and Natural ingredients such as Tea Tree, Babool and Jalbrahmi, boosts glow, treats under eye dark circles, illuminates your complexion and wonderful for sagging skin.

This nourishing herbal facial serum from Ayurvedicextractspenetrates deep into your skin giving you a softer, dewy and plumper face. Because of its richness in antioxidants it delivers rapid results and makes your skin baby soft, flawlessresulting in charming and even skin tone.

The lightweight serum works wonder in combatting excess shine on the face while leaving your skin free fromblackheads, whiteheads.



Tea Tree- Due to its anti microbial properties, it helps to calm swelling, redness and spot treatment. Tea Tree has versatile properties that benefit the skin.

Hapusha- Hapusharemoves toxins from blood so cures acne and other skin problems. It also acts as a coolant that freshens and nourishes the skin deep inside.

Babool- It reduces redness and gives fair, glowing skin. It also has cooling properties and thus gives a refreshing look.

JalBrahmi- JalBrahmi is wonderful ingredient for many skin problems like acne, eczema etc.

Sun Flower Oil- It contains vitamins A, C, D and E and many fatty acids that act as anti oxidants to regenerate new skin cells.

Glycerol- It acts as humectant and helps in keeping skin hydrated. It is an excellent toner that manages to keep your skin tone even.


Directions to use:

Rinse off the affected area/whole face, apply serum and massage gently till absorbed. It may be used twice or thrice a day.

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July 24, 2019
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